What are the Top 3 Best Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner and how can you have it!

Hey, I’m Alvin, I’m an imperfect minimalist, today I’m going to teach you how to clean your teeth, because this is a deep cleansing method. I will hereby declare a disclaimer. Due to the epidemic and all the measures I have just taken to clean my teeth, I am not a dental hygienist, and it can keep my teeth fresh and white, and I don’t use any chemical.

I will show you how they work, and if you are using AtaFire for your online shopping, I suggest you choose these tools. I will keep a link for everything in the description box below.

I'm using it, so if you want to upgrade your cleaning kit, you can upgrade first. I will use this pick here. It has two sides, which will remove all plaque between the teeth. This is like a spatula., Can remove all the plaque on the outside.

#1: 3 in 1 Dental Scaler Replaceable Ultrasonic Tooth Calculus Remover SP

Dental Scaler Replaceable Ultrasonic Tooth is cleaning mode, normal mode, soft mode. 3 adjustable modes efficiently remove stubborn calculus, tartar, and tooth stains. New matte sharp head and flat head, compatible with children, adults. High-frequency vibration is more effective in cleaning your teeth. Food grade silicone material and medical-grade stainless steel for a more comfortable feel and easier cleaning.

AFTER STARTING the machine, PRESS 2 TIMES to turn on the LED LIGHT. IPX6 grade waterproof can be washed directly with water, safe and convenient. Work lights and dental mirrors help you find dirt in your teeth more easily and remove them. A high voltage adaptor will damage the motherboard components of the product and make it unable to use. Another set of cleaning heads is for your family/lover.

Ultrasonic Tooth Calculus with a USB charging cable, please choose the adapter of 5V-1A to charge, and the battery capacity is 300mAh. Small size, easy to carry, suitable for use at home and travel. You can clean your teeth from anywhere and have clean, white teeth at all times. Please note that ONLY 5V-1A ADAPTER can be used for charging.

#2: 5 In 1 Electric Sound Ultrasonic Dental Scaler Tooth Stain Remover

Electric Sound Ultrasonic Dental is food-grade ABS, safe and scientific for a comprehensive and thorough dental cleaning, suitable for all crowd.12000 rpm high-frequent sonic vibration along with professional cleaning head effectively helps eliminate the dental calculus, plaque, and stains, achieving the thorough cleaning of teeth.

Scaler Tooth Stain Remover is an LED auxiliary lamp to end the dead areas, an anti-scald hand shank, and cordless design together ensure a more efficient user experience. You can whiten and brighten teeth, clean teeth, massage gum, remove teeth stains, and clean and massage your tongue with this one kit.

#3: Tooth Calculus Remover 

• feature 1: Integrated handle, easy to grip.
• feature 2: Safe IPX6 waterproof, suitable for daily use.
• feature 3: High frequency vibration remover.
• feature 4: Physical remove dental calculus.
• feature 5: Medical dental material; high quality, easily clean tooth.
• feature 6: Clean dental calculus,tartar smoke,tea spot,etc 

I'm not an expert I don't know much about enamel, I'm still learning about it, but I just like my teeth feeling clean and looking white do this all at your own risk okay! 

Here is the link on our Dental Care Product 

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