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Indoor Plants Pots and Platters For Every Budget and Style.

There’s no better way to turn your space into a lush paradise than by getting plants. Sadly, finding the perfect cute indoor planters or pots to put them in is not always easy. Ideally, you want a planter that is functional, budget-friendly, and, more importantly, suits your style. Lucky for you, we’ve curated 5 of our best indoor planters to help you unleash the green thumb in you. We’ve included a little something for every budget and style, so you will surely find something that’s perfect for you.

Plant Hanger Basket

Simple yet meticulously handcrafted, this plant hanger basket is an absolute must-have if you are going for a boho-chic space or vintage flair. This beauty can make a great addition to your balcony garden. Mini Plastic Flower Pot Succulent Plant . This mini plastic flower pot has a simple yet modern and chic design - every minimalist will surely love it. Perfect for growing almost all small-sized indoor plants such as baby succulent plants and cactus.

Nordic Ceramic Flower Pot Planter Iron Frame . We absolutely love the simplistic elegance of these indoor planters. They are not only the perfect home for your tiny little plant children but also make for a great decorative piece in your living room. 

Ceramic Ball Iron Vase . Turn any room into your very own personal zen retreat with these gorgeous ceramic ball iron vases. They are available in three variations, and hence you can simply choose the aesthetic that best suits your home. Don’t let the serenity of your space be an afterthought. Instead, liven it up with these amazing indoor planters and pots.


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